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2K Games brings their new Battleborn franchise to mobile devices with Battleborn Tap

Gearbox Software and 2K Games recently launched the much-anticipated Battleborn, a hero-driven FPS/MOBA hybrid on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game has been praised for its fun heroes, unique mix of gameplay and fun aesthetic. While the FPS/MOBA gameplay won’t be making its way to the mobile realm anytime soon, the unique world of Battleborn will be, in the form of the new android game from 2K Games, Battleborn Tap.

Following the formula of many other tap-oriented games, Battleborn Tap centers around, well, tapping. Players tap the screen to kill enemies, which then drop currency. This currency is then used to purchase more heroes, or in this case, Battleborn. These heroes function as an auto-attack ‘sidekick’, while also featuring unique abilities.

Each hero can be equipped with various pieces of gear, acquired through chests purchased using a premium currency – also dropped in game and given through reward videos. There are also artifacts, which boost the stats of every hero. These artifacts are obtained through shards, which are earned through starting the game anew via Prestige, or through the occasional drop.

Battleborn Tap features 15 Battleborn characters, 75 in-game achievements, tons of gear to collect and nearly-limitless upgrades. It also sports the same unique style of its console and PC big brother, but with a 2d twist. Battleborn Tap is available for free with in-app purchases on the Play Store. Admittedly, it’s too bad that this game isn’t more like the actual game instead of a tap/clicker game.

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