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Dig for as many gems as possible in Boulders, now available for free on Google Play

Released by Progmatic, Boulders is a casual game based around the idea of treasure hunting. In Boulders, players will be assuming the role of Fred, who has embarked on an underground expedition, with the hopes of striking it rich by finding buried treasure. Fred is controlled by swiping, moving one space in any of the four directions, and clears dirt as he goes.

Each of the levels contain more than just dirt and gems though. There are also goblets that can be collected and used if “something goes wrong”, as well as chests containing bombs. Bombs are used to remove boulders that are in the way, and these also prove to be the biggest threat. Clear away the dirt that is beneath them, and they will fall until they hit something, and they crush Fred in the process, should he happen to be in its path. The goal of each level is clear it of gems, and make it to the door, to exit the level and begin another.

Boulders feature:

• 100% procedurally-generated maps – no playthrough is ever the same!
• Combat-less gameplay
• Completely free – no paywalls, no IAPs
• Flick to move – touch based interface
• Retro style graphics and sounds

The game uses procedurally generated levels, so each one is created on the fly, and no two are alike. Once Fred buys the farm, players are shown how much dirt was cleared, gems collected, levels were completed, and points were accrued. Boulders is available for free from Google Play, and is supported by ads. You can check out the game in action with it’s trailer below.

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