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Tiny Tower’s 5yr anniversary mega update now has a release date: May 26th

NimbleBit announced back on April 18th that they have been working on their first update for Tiny Tower in quite some time in order to celebrate the game’s 5-year anniversary. Not only will this be the first update in awhile for Tiny Tower, it will probably be one of the biggest its seen.

If you’re not familiar with Tiny Tower, this game has players building and managing their own highrise tower. This includes everything from the folks visiting your tower and making sure you have plenty of services available for them to enjoy, to making sure your tenants are a success and making money. Like any business, as you grow you will have to deal with a variety of problems that will come along with said growth.

The update is quite large, adding plenty of new contents and features when it arrives. Here’s the rundown of what you can expect when the update lands for Tiny Tower:

– 40 new roofs
– 32 new floors
– 24 new lobbies
– 10 new elevators
– 288 new missions
– 604 new BitBook posts
– 34 new costumes to unlock
– You can now rename your bitizens
– You can now trade bitizens with friends
– New QuickStock feature makes managing your tower even easier

There may even be more than the above list, but these are the confirmed features that the update will include. However, when we last reported on this, we had no idea as to when it would be arriving outside of ‘coming soon’. Now we have an exact date and that is May 26th, 2016 for both Android and iOS. We will post an update once we learn more or when the update becomes available.

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