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Google may finally be releasing an Android-powered VR headset at Google I/O 2016

In other VR news today, word on the virtual street is that Google may be gearing up to release an Android-powered Virtual Reality headset of their own at next week’s Google I/O 2016. This wouldn’t be a massive surprise or anything if it actually came to pass, since this is the next logical step from Google Cardboard in the world of VR headset evolution. This is especially true with yesterday’s news that there is over a million active Gear VR users.

This isn’t the first time news regarding Google and a new Virtual Reality headset has come out. Back in the beginning of February 2016 we reported on the rumor that Google was already developing a more advanced VR headset over their current Google Cardboard one. So news of it actually being revealed at next week’s Google I/O seems to be pretty spot on.

Interestingly enough though, according to the details that are out about this possible new headset, it won’t be as powerful as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. This also means it will be much more affordable than either of those two headsets. Peter Rojas confirmed over Twitter that the reveal is happening next week, and that the above information regarding this new headset versus the Vive and Rift is also true. Also revealed is that this new headset will be running off of mobile hardware, even though it’ll be a standalone headset.

Even though it won’t be as powerful as the two major standalone headsets, it is being said that it will surpass the Gear VR in terms of power. So it will fill in that gap that currently exists between the Gear VR, which does a good job of bringing the Virtual Reality world to people, and the Rift and Vive. Of course all of the details we want will be arriving next week so stay tuned for that update.

Website Referenced: TheNextWeb

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