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Fury Road Survivor is open-world driving combat and an explosions of pixels. Mad Max for mobile… anyone?

Fury Road Survivor glistens with voxels of beauty. I am finding it hard to believe that a game with voxels can look so impressive, but it does. The sand shimmers, explosions skyrocket into the air and mobile combat couldn’t be finer. If you like recently released driving games like Pako Car Chase Simulator or Splash cars, then you will want to look into Fury Road Survivor by Tiny Games.

Tiny Games is based in Rome, Italy. They have produced multiple mobile games such as Impossible Lines and more recently, Geometry Cut. Fury Road Survivor should catapult them into another zone, as this game is fun to play, has plenty of visual appeal and can be tough as nails. If you like your driving game full of action, Fury Road Survivor is your type of game.

The game starts out pretty simple. It is you and your vehicle in a desert-like wasteland. There are abandoned vehicles, dunes, portions of old roads and overpasses, pieces of buildings and anything else you could imagine. It is all about evading your pursuers as long as you can. There are barrels of oil scattered around the environment too. These are pretty important as they are used to upgrade your vehicle and your weapons. I wish there were a mini-map indicating where these blue barrels were, it would make it a little bit more interesting and strategic when it comes to gameplay. It is all out war against your enemies. If you think the game looks a little bit like the setting for the latest Mad Max movie, or the original for that matter, you would be correct. Guess what? Tiny Games totally nails it. I don’t know if that was there intention, but is a complimentary nod in the right direction in my opinion.

The environment can feel stark at times, but at no time do you think these graphics aren’t great. The sand blows in the wind, you have dunes that you can use to launch your car into other vehicles, and the pace at which the game moves is perfect. There are areas where the desert turns into more a covered green landscape. You cannot linger there, because you will quickly find out that those areas are toxic. Your vehicle starts sputtering green chunks, and if you hang out there too long, it will be game over.

Fury Road Features:

  • Survive the longest you can against Spiked Buggies, Armored Flame-Throwers, Tank-Cars, War Rigs and much more
  • Use high lines, ramps and hills to challenge your stalkers in acrobatic jumps
  • Master dozens of completely different vehicles
  • Unlock loads of aggressive and defensive special gears to empower your vehicle
  • Find your perfect vehicle+gear balance
  • Challenge yourself by smashing the enemies without the gears support
  • Smashy Fury Roads Survivor Mode included
  • Explore a gorgeous isometric 3d ‘voxel’ world

There isn’t much of a story at all to the game. You will start off in different areas of the world map each time. There are only two controls n the game. There is an arrow for turning right and an arrow for turning left. That is it. The vehicle accelerates and backs up on its own. I do wish there were a few more control options in the game, but for what is presented, it works fairly well. You will find yourself running into various objects and getting stuck at times. The first thing you want to do is to try to reverse and turn around. If you wait a moment, your car will begin to back up on its own. Unfortunately, it is never fast enough because the villains are hot on your heels. This is where it is important to have support in the game. What I mean by support is some kind of fire power. Which takes us back to the precious barrels of oil/fuel.

In many free to play games, the in-game currency is a little bit hard to obtain through regular gameplay. If there were more barrels around you could upgrade your equipment faster. The only other options you have at this point are to watch an ad, which will net you twenty points, or you can spend real money to either buy different vehicles or armaments for your vehicle. It takes one hundred points to be able to buy a piece of equipment. You will be familiar with how it is done. You pay and a dual wheel spins. Depending on where it stops, you will either get a common, uncommon, rare or mysterious vehicle or armament for your car. You will then be able to rotate through your vehicles or armaments to set you up before speeding out into the desert. Can you enjoy the game without doing that? You certainly can, but your driving skills had better be pretty good. Vehicles and upgrades start just north of $1.00 and go up to just under $5.00 for each item, if you are interested in spending real cash.

Overall Fury Road Survivor is a fun game to play. Tiny Games has put together a really impressive looking game that is unique, and that is saying a lot, considering how many driving games that are available.  Fury Road Survivor is integrated with Google Game Play Services. You have one leaderboard that you can compete on. Currently there are no in-game achievements to unlock. The game is also integrated with EverPlay, should you choose to record your gameplay. As a free-to-play game, Fury Road Survivor is definitely worth a look. The game does not feel like it is pay-to-play or pay-to-win. It would be nice to be able to get a few more barrels thrown our way, so that we can mix up the combat a bit with more weapons and cars. If you want to switch it up, be ready to watch a few ads. The gameplay is still rewarding, though a bit brief, due to some really tough enemies you need to outmaneuver.

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