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Madfinger Games has released an update that adds multiplayer PvP to Unkilled

Released by Madfinger Games, Unkilled is a zombie shooter for the Android platform. Set in New York City, players assume the role of Joe, who is a member of an anti-zombie unit that is under the moniker WOLFPACK. Madfinger has announced that the game has now received its biggest update yet, and it’s also one of significance.

Starting with the changes to the single-player mode, the mechanics for loot have gotten an overhaul. There are now three different kinds of treasure chests that players can acquire. The best ones are now known as VIP chests, and contain either weapon parts, add-ons, or DNA Blueprints for building your own zombie army, which is a facet of the asynchronous multiplayer portion of the game.

The big addition to Unkilled though is in the PvP facet of multiplayer. Whereas before, the game only contained asynchronous combat where players tweak the DNA of their zombie armies to get the most out of them, and then use said army to attack the base of another player. Now Madfinger has added first-person PvP to the game as well. There are now five playable characters for it as well, each with their own skill tree that can be customized, along with a dozen new weapons (as well as eight new gadgets) added to what was there before, putting the total north of fifty.

Multiplayer PvP Features:

– Fight against real opponent in the special PvP Arenas
– Choose your hero for PVP fight with special skills
– Earn “intel” by winning PvP’s and level up your hero in the huge skill tree
– Become the champion and win the real prizes in

They’ve also gone back and updated some of the existing weapons, as well as improved their system of categorizing them into the following: common, uncommon, rare, and epic weapons. All of their weapons also have blueprints available to players as well. Other areas they touched on include grenades, ballistic shielding, and turrets. And while no specifics were provided, they also mentioned that they’ve “fine tuned” the controls.

Unkilled is available for free from Google Play, and includes optional IAPs in tow. You can check out a preview of this update with the video above.

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