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Pre-registration is now live for the upcoming MMORPG MU: Origin. Full launch happening in June.

Webzen’s upcoming MMORPG for mobile devices, called MU: Origin, has officially opened up pre-registration for interested players to take advantage of by signing up ahead of the game’s launch. Doing so will net you a few in-game rewards once this game globally launches onto Android in the very near future.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage about this game, MU: Origin is a mobile MMORPG based off of the PC MMORPG simply called MU. So far this game has actually been available over in select regions in Asia for a bit now, and recently had a soft launch in Canada and Ireland. For its Western release, MU: Origin has already had two closed beta testing phases, both of which went quite well apparently since we are getting very close to the full launch. While there may be a decent amount of games calling themselves MMORPGs on mobile, there’s not too many that could consider themselves a true MMORPG. With MU: Origin, this is actually more of a true MMORPG with an open world to explore and multiple features you would find in a PC title.

Closed beta screenshots

MU: Origin is a fantasy-themed MMORPG that contains plenty of dungeon crawling as well as open world exploration. PLayers will have three classes available when you start: Elf (Archer), Dark Knight, and Dark Wizard. A lot of your standard MMORPG features are here such as an party-based dungeons and solo ones, PvP, weapon/armor crafting and enhancing, auction house, guilds, and so on. There is also a pretty unique leveling system, where every 100 levels your character gains is considered their ‘Rebirth’. So your first 100 levels is actually labeled as Rebirth0 Level 87 for example. After you pass the 100 level mark in Rebirth0, you’ll move into ReBirth1. This goes for every 100 your character levels up, with Rebirth9 being the highest presently.

If you’re interested in playing this game when it launches, and are not already partaking in the soft launch, then you’ll want to pre-register for when the Western release officially happens. To do this, you just have to sign up over on the official MU: Origin page. Webzen is doing one of those tiered reward systems where the more social shares the pre-registration gets, the more rewards players will receive when the game launches. As for when that will happen, right now Webzen has MU: Origin pegged for a June 8th, 2016 release date.

Official Website: MU: Origin Pre-registration

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