Day: 2 June 2016


First-Person Sci-Fi Adventure, P·O·L·L·E·N, Hits Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now

Developed by Finland-based studio Mindfield Games, P·O·L·L·E·N is a new first-person space exploration game in which players are cast as a mechanic who finds themselves on board a mysterious moon research center named Station M. Once the player’s mission begins on the RAMA Industries owned Station M, they must unravel the secrets of both the nearby moon and the strange disappearance of RAMA Industries’ research team.


[UPDATE: Game Released] SYBO Games announces that Blade of Brim will be heading to Android after all

Originally announced as an iOS exclusive, SYBO Games has announced that their newest title Blades of Brim will eventually be coming to Android as well. So what was once a full exclusive is now a limited exclusive, which is why we are reporting on this now. Why the change? We aren’t sure but probably enough people bitched at them to bring it to Android that it made it actually happen.