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Manage and expand your own transit station in Kairosoft’s newest release called Station Manager

Released by Kairosoft, Station Manager is the newest game in their sim/management franchise. We actually reported on this game heading to mobile devices earlier this week, so it is good to see Kairosoft launching a game they were teasing so quickly. In Station Manager, as you are probably guessing, players are tasked with overseeing the smooth operation of a transit station.

Players will begin with trains, and if things go well, can expand the station by including subways as well. There are different types of trains that will need managing, be they for business travel, or families on vacation, so linking which ones together will be key. Your station will need to be customized in order to keep customers happy, so players will need to facilitate the installation of things like taco stands, vending machines, VIP lounges, benches, arcades, information boards to inform travelers on ETAs, and more.

If all goes well, players will be able to expand into surrounding areas, to broaden their reach into a greater number of customers. Of course, besides being the best station there is, you do want to pull in as much profit as you can, as quickly as you can. Once you’ve reached a certain point in size and features, you’ll want to try to maintain the standard you’ve set as well.

Station Manager also has Kairosoft’s visual cues, such as focusing on the faux pixelated look. Station Manager is currently available from Google Play. The game costs $4.99, and also includes optional IAPs as well.

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