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Enjoy placing virtual wagers on soccer/football matches in Sim Betting Football, now out on Google Play

As a kid, my grandfather had a toy blackjack game, not much larger than a gameboy. I remember playing with it extensively, so I can see the appeal of games that revolve around betting that isn’t real. Once such game, released by Vindicta Games, is called Sim Betting Football and is a new type of football/soccer game. If this sounds familiar, it is because we talked about this game back in March 2016 when it was on Kickstarter looking for additional funds.

Players will be analyzing clubs as well as players. Individual athlete history such as age, position, and how well each athlete performs in other, more specific metrics. Such metrics include dribbling, creativity, shooting, passing, movement, technique, and more. All of this can be taken into consideration, and are available for players to weigh, as they place their virtual wagers. Players will also have access to game highlights, news feeds, and more at their fingertips.

This game includes hundreds of clubs and thousands of players from over a dozen leagues and five different nations. The names of the players will be procedurally generated, so no official player names are used, nor are the club names the same either. Lastly, the outcome of games are only the beginning of what can be wagered upon, as other options include the over/under, clean sheet, the score at half time, cards, corners, and more.

Sim Betting Football Features:

– realistic football simulation and match engine
– 5 nations, 15 leagues, 300 clubs, 7,000 players
– detailed statistics and data
– 13 betting markets
– 26 achievements to unlock
– 3 online leaderboards
– 3 languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Virtual coins are used in the wagers, and can be acquired through watching video ads, or used on the IAPs that will unlock other leagues and markets for wagering. The game includes leaderboards, to give the “high rollers” a place to show off. The game itself is available from Google Play for free, and also includes the optional IAPs I mentioned earlier.

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