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[Update: Release Delay] Nvidia announces the upcoming release of two more console games onto their hardware

In other Nvdia related news to come out in the last 24 hours, the company has announced a couple of other games that are being launched on their platform. First, is an upcoming platformer known as Mighty No 9. This game looks like it is pulling it’s visual and style cues from the classic Mega Man games of yore.

Update: June 21st, 2016 8:10am PST: Our friends over at Nvidia have let us know that the release of Mighty No.9, which was supposed to be today, has been delayed for a short period of time. Right now there is no new launch date for the game, but we do know that the delay won’t be long at all. We will post another update once it arrives.

Players will be able to control a little robot looking hero, who can dash, jump, shoot, and absorb the power-ups of destroyed enemies, who are all robots. As a fan of that franchise, I’m excited that the game’s official Twitter account indicates that Mighty No 9 is being developed by fans of Megan Man, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to this one.

The trailer is below here, so give it a look.

The other game that is coming to Nvidia hardware is the Lego game for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this game, players will be able to relive the story lines of the eponymous movie, while also being able to take advantage of exclusive content on other adventures that slot in between episodes VI and VII of the Star Wars movies. The game will include a variety of characters that include Chewie, Solo, Finn, and Rey, among others, as well as locations such as Jakku or Starkiller Base. There will even be a variety of vehicles included too. Check out the trailer for this one below, to see more of the Lego action.

Both of these games are set to be released through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service later this month. From what we know, it looks like Mighty No. 9 will be arriving first and real soon, as in tomorrow.

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