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Viridi is a new meditative garden title from Ice Water Games that’s now available on Google Play

While some games focus a lot on action, others are all about relaxing and that is one of the themes behind Ice Water Games’ new release called Viridi. If this game sounds familiar, it should, as we covered its development back in the earlier part of 2015. After our initial coverage, not much in the way of news had been released from the developers regarding where the game was at in terms of development. Now we get to jump right into it and start playing.

Viridi, for those of you who missed our previous coverage, is sort of like a virtual pet game but without the need to pet, play, or generally entertain and feed a digital pet. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any responsibilities either to your potted plants. You will need to water them appropriately in order to ensure their growth. Under- or over-watering them will result in dead plants. Give your plants enough attention and you will be rewarded with them blooming for you. You can even zoom right in to see the plants in more detail.

Once you’ve figured out what plants you want to grow, with the seed selection being found in the nursery, you plant them into your pot and begin taking care of them so that they can grow. You can name your favorite plants as well. The nursery will have different types of seeds being switched out on occasion, so there should be plants that you don’t have available at different times.

Viridi is available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs. These are so you can permanently buy and keep your favorite plants, although each week there will be free seeds available as well. There is also a version available for PC over on Steam.

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