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The Twitch app gets updated with the open beta for the new Friends feature

Recently Twitch released a new Friends feature for the browser version of its video game streaming platform, tacking on an Invite-Only Beta status to it as well. Like all the features the browser version has, they start there but end up on the mobile application as well, and this is true with the new Friends feature.

The Friends feature is pretty much as the name suggests, a way for users to keep track of their friends on Twitch. This allows you to¬† have other users as ‘friends’ which means you can message them and talk to your friends in your own chat windows. This is done by whispering (way easier with the friends feature now) to them and once you do that, it will open up a separate chat window within the app. You will also be able to see when your friends are online, and when they are not.

Of course you can always unfriend someone as well, should you ever have the need to do that. With the release of Friends in this update for the Twitch app, it also becomes available to all Twitch users regardless of platform, turning the Invite-Only beta status to an Open Beta one. If you have the app installed, you should be able to download the update now.

Website Referenced: Twitch Blog

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