Day: June 22, 2016

Game News

Caterzillar from Noodlecake Studios arrives tomorrow for Android

Noodlecake Studios has been extremely busy this year. A legion of fans are awaiting the arrival of Super Stickman Golf 3 in July. That’s not too far away, but in the interim, you can pick up a neat little game called Caterzillar, Thursday, June 23rd. It is a collaboration between Noodlecake Studios and one man studio PixelZapp! This cute puzzle game will have you exploring neat little worlds, with a caterpillar named Bob.

Game News

Rodeo Stampede from publishers of Crossy Road comes to Android this week.

At this point, most people have heard of Crossy Road. It is a polygonal juggernaut of a game that reinvigorated the simple premise of Frogger. When its publishers Yodo 1 teamed with creators Hipster Whale, the team provided so much more than what anyone could have expected. The game was simple, fun and enthralling. This week Yodo 1 and Featherweight Games, bring Rodeo Stampede to Android and iOS. The game looks just as engaging and fun as Crossy Road. Rodeo Stampede will arrive in the Play Store June 23rd.