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Total War Battles: Kingdom will be getting a Viking-filled expansion in the near future

Sega has revealed today that their multiplayer RTS game Total War Battles: Kingdom will be getting a new content expansion very soon. This particular expansion, if you didn’t figure it out from this article’s title, will be full of all things relating to Vikings. This will be the second major expansion for this game.

For those of you not familiar with Total War Battles: Kingdom, this is a cross-platform multiplayer RTS title that features city building mechanics. Players will be growing their kingdoms and building structures, researching new technology, and building an army in order to defend your kingdom, or attack other players. Battles have fully animated fights with units that you control as well. You can find out plenty more details about the core gameplay in our previous articles.

The Viking expansion not only brings the Norsemen to the game, but also includes a new game mode called Viking Outposts. This is a sort of mini-game mode where players will be able to set off to explore uncharted islands in search of wealth and resources. You’ll be able to set up outposts and harvest all you can from these fresh pastures, earning gold along the way. Each week the top players will be rewarded. Once that week is over, you’ll need to sail off to find new islands.

PvP matches will include 5 new Viking units for players to use. Each unit will have different stats and characteristics, such as ranged Archers and Viking Axemen. There will also be an elite class of warrior coming with the Vikings when they arrive. There will be a few other additions to the game but right now Sega is keeping a bit quite on those.

There’s no specific date for when this update will arrive, only that it will be ‘very soon’. When it does arrive, it will be for all platforms.

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