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Supercell begins teasing a new tournament mode coming soon to Clash Royale

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Developers behind the very popular MOBA game called Clash Royale have begun teasing a new Tournament mode which will be heading to the game in the next update. The teasing, which was posted on Twitter, doesn’t go too deep into the details as what we can expect this new Tournament mode to come with though.

The developers posted a little message that simply says “Just a little something we are working on…” followed by a picture which shows a new tab called “Tournaments”. That’s literally all that we know right now. So it is pretty much up in the air as to what this new mode will come with, or how it will play out.

Once Supercell releases more details, we will be sure to post an update. Any guesses as to what this new mode will be (aside from being tournament based obviously)?

Source: Clash Royale Twitter

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