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See how many falling boxes you can catch in Balance, now available from Google Play

Released by the same crew behind Super Bit Adventure, Balance is a new casual game for the Android platform. In Balance, players will be looking to collect boxes that fall from the sky. Near the bottom of the screen, there is a free floating platform that can spin upon its center, and players will need to manipulate this platform in order to successfully keep as many boxes as possible from sliding off of edge.

They boxes will fall from above, but might land anywhere within the width of the platform, so players will need to rock the platform more towards one side or the other, depending on how the boxes are piling up. To wit, if they are tending to fall toward the right hand side, players will need to tip the platform accordingly, to perhaps cause them to slide more towards the middle, or at the very least keep them from sliding off altogether.

The boxes will, after a brief period of time, “wake up”, at which point they won’t need to be retained any longer, and in turn are scored in the player’s favor. The game includes hundreds of different levels, and three different levels of challenge: clear and sunny being the easiest, while rainy and windy will provide different forms of respective challenges, with the former causing the platform to be more slippery than normal, and the latter causing boxes to be blown off the platform.

Balance is available for Google Play for a flat $0.99 with no IAPs. You can check out the game’s trailer below ahead of purchasing Balance.

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