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The second annual Amazon Prime Day will be arriving on July 12th.

Amazon has announced that the second annual Amazon Prime Day will be arriving on July 12, 2016. For those of you not familiar with what Amazon Prime Day is, this is where Amazon celebrates all their Prime members by offering a day with nothing but a ton of massive deals on pretty much everything you could think of. This means you can pick up Android phones and tablets (both Amazon Fire brand and other manufacturers), as well as controllers, Shield devices, peripherals, PCs, and whatever else you can think up.

The first Amazon Prime Day, which was last year, was hyped up a lot only to get a lot of criticism over the items that were being discounted for it, including the infamous 55-gallon tub of lube. If you were watching all day, and quick with the buy buttons, there were some good deals to be had though, including electronics and mobile devices. A lot of things went out of stock super fast thought. Hopefully Amazon has paid attention to the criticism that happened last year and have improved everything for this year.

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Amazon is saying this one will be bigger and better than last year. According to Amazon, the week leading up to Prime Day, which is July 5th-July 11th, the deals will start rolling out on exclusive deals, video and music content for Prime Members. Then the chaos will really begin on July 12th when Prime Day starts which is when there will be deals starting every 10 minutes or so for a number of items.

Of course to even partake in Prime Day you need to be a member, and that means you can sign up for a free 30day trial and take advantage of everything. That is, of course, if you haven’t done the free trial already last year. Also like last year, we will be following and doing a running list of deals on Prime Day for Android devices, gaming peripherals, and other goodies so you won’t have to weed through all the stuff to find those items.

Official Website: Amazon Prime Day

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