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Evade linear hazards and snatch up coins in Squiggle Dodge, now out on Google Play

Released by FIFO Games, Squiggle Dodge is a new casual game for Android. Squiggle dodge has a minimalist bend to it’s visuals, as players will be controlling a unit that’s basically an arrow head, and dodging lines that traverse the screen from anywhere along the periphery of said screen. Admittedly the visuals of the game look quite nice, despite being so simple.

The goal of the game is for players to move their unit around the screen, and while doing so they can collect coins to boost their score. There are also power-ups that can be snapped up, that work in different ways. For example, players might pick on up that works like a spread shot, which can be fired at the hostile lines (thus destroying them), while another works like a bomb, with the explosion removing lines in the immediate vicinity. Also, players can use the coins collected to unlock different trails for the arrow head, with more trails coming in future updates.

Latest update changelog:

– Now named Squiggle Dodge (originally the game was called Lines)
– Multiple collectible power-ups
– Performance improvements
– Dynamic Lines (Squiggles)
– Player is now an arrow with a dynamic trail

Check out the trailer below to see the game in action. Squiggle Dodge is available from Google Play for free, though it does include a single IAP of $1.49.

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