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LeapDroid Game Player is a new fast Android emulator for your PC

Emulators are certainly not new when it comes to the Android platform. There’s pretty much an emulator for everything you could want, whether it is for running console or PC games on your Android device, or the exact opposite, which is running Android games on your PC. There’s a new emulator that has just received its first public release called LeapDroid and it claims to be the fastest Android emulator in the world.

These types of emulators can be used in a couple of ways, whether it is for a micro-console type of product, or just playing Android games and apps on your PC using something like Bluestacks. These emulators have come quite a long ways in terms of performance since they first started to appear, with their speed always increasing and FPS getting more smooth with each release/update.

However, according to the developers of LeapDroid, their emulator is the world’s fastest so far and this is due to the “unique LeapGL and Virt Fiber I/O technologies ” that they use. Apparently it is also compatible with a lot of games as it is, with even more compatibility arriving when they add support for GLES v3 in an upcoming update. Right now the emulator runs Android 4.4.4 and is compatible with both x86 and ARM based application and games. Other features include:

– GLES 1.1 and GLES 2.0 support
– Windows Direct X engine, in addition to host OpenGL
– Host IME support
– Key mapping
– text copy and paste between android and host

There are some upcoming features that are pretty interesting as well, besides the above mentioned GLES v3 support. One of those being drag and drop APK installation, while the other is streaming through OBS (Open Broadcast Software). This means anyone using LeapDroid will be able to stream live gameplay to Twitch, or other services, from within the emulator itself.

If you’re interested in trying LeapDroid out, you can download the emulator off of its official website for free to your PC.

Thanks to roslynlu over on our forums for the tip!

Official Website: LeapDroid

Website Referenced: DroidGamers Forums | XDA-Forums

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