Day: 13 July 2016


Build your army from trading cards in Azedeem: End of Era, now available from Google Play

For those who like virtual Trading Card Games, there is a new entrant into that genre. Dubbed Azedeem: End of Era, players will look to elect a hero and race, and go off adventuring from there. At the start of the game, players will choose a race (humans, orcs, ogres, or elves) and a class (wizard, mage, or warrior), and once a name is finally chosen, the game begins.


Cook up your own culinary empire while donating to charity in Deli Dash! Cooking Scramble

Released by Flowmotion Entertainment, Deli Dash! Cooking Scramble is a new restaurant time management game. In this players will look to become a master chef, who must begin with the lowest form of restaurant, a run-of-the-mill fast food joint. As players both prepare the dishes (meals and desserts), as well as improve their culinary skill-set, they will be able to move on to better establishments.