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Build your army from trading cards in Azedeem: End of Era, now available from Google Play

For those who like virtual Trading Card Games, there is a new entrant into that genre. Dubbed Azedeem: End of Era, players will look to elect a hero and race, and go off adventuring from there. At the start of the game, players will choose a race (humans, orcs, ogres, or elves) and a class (wizard, mage, or warrior), and once a name is finally chosen, the game begins.

Players will need to manage several facets of the game, in order to succeed. Equipment, leveling up, which character cards to take, as well as where they’re to be placed on the board will all need to be factored in. For what I tried of the game, there wasn’t much of a story. As players accept missions and defeat their enemies, they will be awarded coins. These can then be spent on purchasing other heroes, or upgrading spells and equipment of existing characters.

Azedeem: End of Era Features:

– Hundreds of main and side quests.
– Great battles where it is necessary to develop a unique strategy.
– Lots of amazing cards.
– Upgrade and evolve your cards to discover new cards and abilities.
– Upgrade and improve characteristics of your hero to become immortal.
– Use hundreds of cards and hero’s  abilities.
– Create different decks and combinations to use the full power of your creatures.
– Play a unique for each race campaign to learn the full story of a magic world.

There is no “energy” or something else you need to wait to restore to continue playing, you just can keep on playing till you don’t want to anymore. Azedeem: End of Era is available for free, from Google Play. It also includes optional IAPs as well.

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