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Relaxing puzzler Quell Zen has been released onto Google Play

For those familiar with the Quell Series (the eponymous Quell, along with Quell Memento, Quell Reflect, and others unrelated to this franchise, such as Swapperoo) will be happy to know that there’s a new entrant into this line of logic games: Quell Zen. In a similar format to the other Quell games, players will be guiding a raindrop around a board, by using swiping gestures to cause it to move until its path is obstructed, while doing so in such a way as to navigate it around the board and avoiding obstacles.

What gives this one a twist is that players will be attempting to collect both pearls and jewels that are strewn about the board, by coming into contact with them along the way. In addition to circumventing obstructions, there are other mechanics in effect. Hazards will need to also be avoided, while warps and other ways to teleport the raindrop can and should be utilized.

The game has integration with Google Play Games for its achievements, and awards for things such as a “perfect” solution to the puzzle (read: Solving it using the fewest moves possible). Quell Zen also has an orchestral soundtrack, and a Japanese style flair to the visuals in between levels. All told there are over 200 levels within the game. As levels are completed with a relatively few number of moves, coins are awarded and can be spent on solutions to puzzles that stump them.

Quell Zen is available from Google Play for $3.49, and also includes optional IAPs. Players can purchase coins and jewels, should they find the gameplay too difficult.

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