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The Sandbox Evolution gets some Ghostbusters love with a new update

Now that Ghostbusters is officially hitting movie theaters today, some games are starting to get updates with Ghostbuster themed content. One of those games happens to be The Sandbox Evolution which has just received an update with all kinds of Ghostbusters content for players to check out.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Sandbox Evolution is the sequel to the highly popular sandbox game, appropriately named The Sandbox. Unlike Minecraft, everything in this game is 2D and full of retro style pixel art goodness. You can do everything from creating pixel art to digital music, to living scenery and even making games you and other people can play.

This update brings with it the characters, elements, and enemies from the new Ghostbusters movie that players can use in creating any of the above mentioned content.  You can create your own interactive scene with the Ghostbusters, Slimer, and other elements, or a platformer for others to play using the same items. It total there are 2 new heroes, 3 new enemies, ghostbuster themed decorations and Slimer.

If you have this game installed, you can now download the update off of Google Play at any time.

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