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Guide rockets safely through space to their destinations in Rocket R!ot, now available from Google Play

Released by DHOWELL PRODUCTIONS, Rocket R!ot is a new casual game for the Android platform. The goal of this game is pretty simple. Players will have a number of rockets that will need guiding toward their planetary destination. Each ship is color coded, and will match the color of the destination world.

The worlds are arrayed in the middle of the screen, with the ships coming in from the screen’s periphery and needing guidance toward the proper planet. For each correct arrival, players are awarded a point. Should the rocket arrive at an incorrect planet, a point is deducted. Players will draw the flight path on the screen, for each one to follow, but the trick is to keep the rockets from crashing into each other, or other objects in space that will include asteroids and other barriers. Players will be able to tap on the objects to destroy them, so they’re no longer impeding the ships’ arrival. Colliding into one of those will result in the end of the game.

Rocket R!ot Features:

– Online leaderboard
– Achievements
– Addictive game-play
– Tutorial Mode
– No space game like it!

Rocket R!ot is available from Google Play for free and is supported using both ads, as well as a single IAP of $1.99 for the removal of said ads. Prospective players can check out the game’s trailer below ahead of downloading the game.

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