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The world’s first level 40 player in Pokemon GO has been found

Pokemon GO can become a bit of a grind if you’re trying to level up quickly. There are a few tips and tricks you can do in order to make it a little less of a grind, at least until Niantic scales the XP given to a player when capturing a Pokemon better. Right now you get the same XP regardless of level, which makes leveling up at higher levels a little on the slow side.

However, there are a few players already in the mid-30s for level, all through grinding cheap Pokemon and evolving them while having a Lucky Egg going, and other tricks. A redditor named _problemz posted his new achievement of being the world’s first level 40 player in Pokemon GO. For those of you unaware of this little fact, Level 40 is currently the highest level possible in the game right now. So, you may be thinking “That’s a lot of grinding to do in such a short time”. Well, you would be wrong about that, because _problemz cheated to get there. Well, he sort of cheated.

_problemz posted the whole thing on Reddit on reaching level 40 with the proof that he is truly there, let the joke run on for a bit before revealing that he actually used a bot for the majority of it. The whole thing was actually an experiment and _problemz didn’t outline exactly how it was all accomplished. Running a bot is frowned upon pretty heavily, but from the sounds of it, no actual game files were modified. The whole thing is kind of pricey as well, since getting to level 40 required 131 Lucky Eggs. _problemz averaged around 280,000 XP per hour.

Want to use the bot? Well that won’t be happening either as _problemz won’t be making it available. The bot also did not fight at gyms, won’t fight at gyms in the future, and will be deleted instead of being made available. Why? He doesn’t want to be “disrespectful and disgusting” to legitimate Pokemon Go players.

Pokemon GO Bot Stats

“Its over. First of all i want you to tell that i was using a Bot. Obviously. I don´t want to tell you how to use a bot and won´t answer anything related to that. […] That last Level was even for me and my little bot a pain in the ass. 5 Milion XP – really? A total of 20 Milion XP was needed to hit the current maximum Level. I earned 280k XP per Hour on Average. I don´t play this game – i just wanted to see how far i can push with the given Tools. And i learned so much out of this.” – _problemz on Reddit

If you’re interested in checking out the bot performance & stats, Pokemon and Badge list, and more neat details about the entire thing, you can check out the original post over on Reddit.

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