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Webzen has unleashed their new MMORPG called MU: Origin onto Android globally today

Fans of MMORPGs have another, rather big one, to sink their time into as of this morning. Webzen has globally launched MU: Origin onto Android today after a closed beta and a little bit of a soft launch for additional testing. This particular game is actually an MMORPG and not the type that has become popular to label as an MMORPG, which are really just collectible RPGs with some PvP mechanics.

For those of not familiar with this game, or the franchise, MU started off as a PC-based MMORPG back in 2003, which means it has actually been running for quite a long time. The PC version has seen numerous content updates and has a pretty massive player base. MU: Origin, which is the new mobile version, has actually been available in Korean since April 2015 and has also earned a pretty big following itself.

MU: Origin is a fantasy-themed MMORPG with a lot of the standard MMORPG features you would expect to find, such as Guilds, an Auction House, single-player dungeons, raid dungeons, raid bosses, and of course, PvP. For those of you who enjoy beating on other players, PvP is available in arena style matches as well as in the open world. If you’re not into PvP, there are safe zones available.

MU: Origin Features:

– Choose and customize from three different classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf.
– Equip and evolve your hero with powerful gears and enhance wings to make yourself unstoppable.
– Enhance their abilities and witness the dazzling display of each hero’s unique skills.
– Your powers are endless! Become stronger through endless levels and contents
– Journey through an exciting open world and complete epic quests.
– Gather parties and explore unique dungeons to defeat world bosses
– Gather Diamonds, Materials, Zens, and Star Essences in open PVP Areas
– Exchange in real time through Trading and Auction System.
– Clash with rivals in PvP battles

This game also has a lot of unique features as well, such as the leveling system which we’ve talked about in our past coverage. Essentially your character will have a ‘rebirth’ every 100 levels. So your first 100 levels is actually labeled as Rebirth0 then your level, i.e ReBirth0 Level 82. After you pass the 100 level mark in Rebirth0, you’ll move into ReBirth1. This goes for every 100 your character levels up, with Rebirth9 being the highest for right now.

Once you start the game you will have three classes available to choose from: Elf (Archer), Dark Knight, and Dark Wizard. All of these are pretty self-explanatory. There’s gear and weapons specific for each class, all of which have multiple tiers and grades. You have your gear grading system, which is Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Then you have your Tiers (1-9 and higher). Tiers are essentially the level equivalent to the area you’re leveling up in. So if you are Rebirth2 Level 88, the gear you’ll be using will be in the Tier 3-4 range.

With how the entire game is set up, there technically isn’t a limit to how strong you can make your character. This leads to an almost endless amount of content and gameplay to work your way through. For those of you who have been waiting to get your hands on MU: Origin, you can now download a copy from Google Play for free. It does contain optional IAPs. You can also check out the game’s new launch trailer below. Don’t forget, if you pre-registered for MU: Origin, you’ll be getting your rewards today as well.

Side Note: We will, of course, be setting up the official DroidGamers guild on the US Server to start, so if you’re interested in joining, let us know in the comments below what your in-game name is.

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