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Zombie Shooter Apocalypse Max is now in open beta for Android

To be released by Wandake, Apocalypse Max is an upcoming Zombie Shooter for Android. Currently in an open beta, this side-scrolling shooter will be about surviving the zombie apocalypse. Players will be assuming the role of the eponymous Max, who’s motto is “better dead than undead”.

The game features a plethora of weaponry, ranging from oversized knives for players who prefer something akin to wet work, while those who prefer to stay neat and tidy can resort to the variety of firearms available: pistols, shotguns, grenades, SMGs, launchers, and pulse rifles. As players navigate the levels and kill of zombies, you will end up collecting gold and other hidden treasures such as extra ammo.

Combining the former with weapon parts, players can upgrade their arsenal into something that’s even more deadly to the undead. In addition to being side-scrolling/platform, the game is free roaming within the levels as well. While currently in open beta, the game appears to be slated as freemium, allowing users to play for free while offering optional IAPs as well, and it also includes ads. The game utilizes virtual buttons on the screen, and there’s several of them at that.

No mention was given to any support for hardware controllers. Players that are interesting in the game can watch the trailer to see a bit of the action, and can follow the link to enroll in the beta.

Google Play: Apocalypse Max (Open Beta Sign-up)

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