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Fascinating puzzles and contraptions arrive in Perchang, now available on Android

Puzzle games are a mainstay on mobile devices. They are just as popular as any other genre like endless runners, platforming games, tower defense and hidden object games, just to name a few. Every now and then, one arrives that delights and fascinates the mind. That can be said of the wonderful puzzle game named Perchang, which is now available for your Android device.

Perchang is the creation of Ben murch and Pete Akehurst. These two gentlemen have have been in the game industry for quite some time, and are used to making high quality games. Ben Murch is the Creative Director at Rodeo Games. If you have played Hunters One and Two, or Warmhammer Quest, then you are already familiar with Ben’s work. Pete Akehurst is the Technical Director at Popcorn Entertainment, and handled all of the coding for Perchang. The studio is based in Guildford in the UK. Now that we know a little bit about them, let’s talk about their visually appealing and fun game.

The game Perchang, also the name of the game development studio, is considered a puzzle action strategy game. That sounds interesting just from the description, but you will see why it is indeed a hybrid of all of those elements. 

“The game revolves around getting little balls from the emitter to their home in the goal. Blocking their way are a plethora of obstacles, and some helpful elements coloured red or blue. The player can change the colour of the elements by tapping them. Then by pressing the red or blue buttons, they can activate them. Figure out the level, then get the balls home.”  – Perchang

It is not surprising that Perchang debuted on iOS first. It arrived with quite a bit of fanfare. The game received high-marks from several reputable and well respected media outlets. I quickly inquired about the arrival of the game coming to Android. Ben Murch was kind enough to respond and say it wouldn’t be long before it graced our devices.  Typically I hold my breath when I hear that, because all too often the timeline is much longer than previously expected. True to their word, Perchang has arrived for Android and it is very enjoyable to play. The game is rendered in subtle tones. It is not quite monochromatic, but the splashes of color that do appear, make the game really leap off the screen. I love the design that has been implemented.

Perchang has wonderfully imagined contraptions that have been created for each of the puzzles. I can visualize the almost industrial design like sketches that are probably scattered throughout the Perchang studio. The goal is to get the balls home. There is a red button on one side of the screen and a blue button on the other. These control the different elements in the puzzle. The balls are dropped from an emitter, and you have to figure out what element to control and when to control it. The first puzzle or two starts off easy enough, and then around level five, you have to start really thinking about the best way to crack the puzzle. The reason is because each of the puzzles is timed. There is a slender bar off to the uppermost right of the screen that counts down. It changes color as time runs out. Get your puzzle done quickly and receive a gold star. If you are not quite at the top of your game, you get a silver star and so on. Everybody wants to get a gold star, right?

Perchang Features:

  • 60 Stunningly rendered 3D courses to test your skills.
  • Simple controls with deep mechanics so anyone can pick up and play.
  • From flippers to teleporters, there are loads of unique gizmos to guide the balls through levels.
  • Tax your brain and solve puzzles by switching the colours of the mechanisms.
  • Hit your goals quickly to collect all the gold medals.
  • Use all your skill and wits to earn achievements.
  • Unlock the special Gold Runs for the hardest challenges!

Perchang is a game that you will thoroughly enjoy playing. From the first moment you see a fan begin to whir and spin, to figuring out how to switch the components of the mechanisms from red to blue and back again, you will be elated. Fascinating is the word that keeps coming to mind and popping up in this article. Okay how about if I use these words to describe the game such as, engrossing, enthralling, enchanting and engaging? It is all of those things and more. It is a brilliant 3D puzzle-action-game that works flawlessly. Figuring out how to use those flippers and switching the colors will sharpen your critical-thinking abilities. There is no doubt you will be challenged.

Perchang is free to play, but no groans and moans there people. The game does not have an in-game store, and you can unlock the ads in the game for $1.50  It is the best of both worlds. You have free access to one of the best puzzle games to release this year. You can pay for it outright, or you can watch an ad in between every few levels. The game is also integrated with Google Game Play Services with 18 achievements to unlock. Simply put, don’t miss this incredible game. I look forward to more from Perchang Studio, as well as hopefully, more content being added to their first brilliant title.


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