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The first event for the Pokemon GO LV League is this Weekend

Pokemon GO may still have some issues that need to be fixed, but that hasn’t stopped millions of players for loading the game up daily and playing it. Pokemon GO leagues, tournaments, and events have already been taking place in all kinds of locations, and we are actually hosting one of them ourselves this weekend.

Officially dubbed the Pokemon GO LV League, this will be the first in what we hope will be many events for Pokemon GO that we will be hosting around the US and other locations. Since we are based out of Las Vegas, it is only natural that the first one is held here in our hometown. So what is this event? Well the Stratosphere Hotel has a mall inside of it, and in this mall are 4 PokeShops. On top of that, right by those PokeShops is a Gym. So far this is the place where people have been finding some of the best, and rarest Pokemon.

The event will have a little tournament for control over the gym, lures going in all of the PokeShops the entire duration of the event, all of the restaurants and shops within the mall will have specials going on for everyone, and of course there will be all kinds of prizes such as:

– $200 Tattoo Certificate
– 1 night hotel stay
– Attractions & Rides at various locations across Vegas
– Paint Ball Admission
– And much, much more

We do have other cities in the works, so if you are not in Las Vegas, or visiting here this weekend have no fear, there’s a good chance this will be arriving in your city as well. However, if you are here in Las Vegas this weekend, the event is this Saturday, starting at 6pm and running until 9pm. I will be there, as will MamaDroid (Kimberly Huff, Co-Founder / My Wife), and a few special guests as well that you’ll have to wait to see when you get there. See you soon!

Official Website: Pokemon GO LV League Event

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