Day: 10 August 2016


[UPDATE: Game Released] DroidGamers Interviews Hibernum: Creators of the upcoming Puzzle-RPG Saber’s Edge

Hibernum is a game development studio and much more. Located near the intersecting streets of Rue de Bleury and West Sainte-Catherine Street, you will find the creators of Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest, Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, and the soon to be released action-puzzle game, Saber’s Edge. DroidGamers had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to find out a bit more about Hibernum’s genesis and future plans. Frederick Faubert, President and Creative Director and Louis-Rene Auclair, Chief Brand Officer were kind enough to answer a few questions so that we could learn more.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Balance competing interests to extend your rule in Reigns, coming later this week

Released by Devolver Digital, Reigns is a game where players will assume the role of a monarch (kind or cruel, it’s up to the player) who must balance the requests and needs of differing and competing factions. To further complicate matters within the game, players will see the consequences of their decisions impact the game, the further along they go.