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Hearthstone’s latest expansion, One Night In Karazhan, is now available for download

Blizzard has released the next expansion for their TCG title Hearthstone today. Officially called One Night In Karazhan, this is a PvE style expansion, like previous ones such as Blackwing Lair. This means you will have a whole new dungeon to work your way through, new bosses to fight, and new cards to unlock and collect.

One Night In Karazhan comes with a total of four new wings for players to work their way through, with each wing having their own bosses that you’ll have to learn how to beat. When you do beat them, you’ll unlock the new cards associated with that particular boss, adding them to your collection to use later on. Also, as you beat each boss and wing, you will unlock Class Challenges that you’ll need to beat to unlock even more new cards.

As with any expansion, One Night In Karazhan has a few unique features to it as well. There is a new board you get to play on and three new card backs to collect: Medivh’s Invitation, Karazhan Nights, and The Blue Portal. So far we know the first wing has three bosses, which is probably the same for all the wings. There’s also six potential cards you can unlock in the first wing, should you complete it all.

Like previous PvE expansions, each week a new wing will open for you to try your hands. The first wing, called The Parlor, opens tomorrow, with the 2nd wing opening next week at around the same time. However, to prepare for the opening, you can download the expansion now.

Official Website: Hearthstone

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