Day: August 16, 2016

Game News

A new unique survival game has landed on Android called The Mars Files by Loco Games

Loco Games Studio has released a new survival / gamebook hybrid called The Mars Files onto Google Play. This game is one of those more interactive style of gamebooks, even though a lot of the content is actually text-based. On top of that, you’ll need to worry about resources and other mechanics that you actually normally find in an RTS or similar types of games.

Game Reviews

RPG and rapid tapping action come together in Infinity Duels

Clicker games or rapid tapping games are filling the Play Store these days. Often you will download a game, only to find out it is a one trick pony. The game is all clicking and no substance. Move along dear gamer, nothing to see here. Magic Cube’s latest foray into the Play Store is a bit different. Yes, Infinity Duels has a lot of rapid tapping and clicking, but there is an RPG underneath it all, that is worth checking out.