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A company in China tried to copy Pokemon Go. The Results? Pretty scary actually.

Whenever a game gets released, be it on Android, iOS, or PC, are it gets extremely popular, there’s always going to be knock-offs, clones, and re-skinned versions of that game showing up not too far after its release. Most of the times developers who come out with these clones do a fairly good job of them, even though they are pretty much rip-offs usually. Sometimes they aren’t though and can actually be pretty decent games themselves.

However a company in China has released their version of Pokemon GO, and unfortunately it does not fall into the category of ‘decent clones’. In fact it is down right troubling and will probably cause at least a few kids to have nightmares. Why? Because the Pokemon in this game are just creepy to look at. By creepy I mean their heads are double the size of their bodies, eyes are hollow looking a lifeless (like the Snorlax below), and really they look like something out of an acid-fueled nightmare.

Meet Souless Snorlax and Evil Pikachu

The problem is that China has very strict rules and regulations about… well… everything. So Niantic would have to put a LOT of work into bringing Pokemon GO to folks that live there, which means it will probably never see the light of day over in China. This leaves plenty of room for other developers to release clones and knock-offs of popular games like Pokemon GO.

Good news is, not all of the Pokemon in this game are creepy, some are just plain funny, but most fall into the weird and creepy. There’s a couple more to check out below. Enjoy.

Website Referenced: Pokedexnews

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