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Hello There AB brings hypnotic beats and excellent platforming together in Ants

Hello There AB continues to publish high-quality and enjoyable games for mobile devices. The latest game to arrive in the Play Store is a platforming game called Ants. It has some tough levels, top-notch graphics and really enjoyable electronic dance music, supplied by musicians that fall under the banner of UnitedAnts. House and Techno music reign supreme, but that is part of the reason you should check out this game. 

The collaboration between musicians and game designers is nothing new. However, when you put together gaming and infectious music like that of the artists in the catalog of UnitedAnts, what is produced is phenomenal. It really makes you want to catch one of the Ants shows, where different artists are highlighted at different venues around the world. Currently, Ants shows are taking place in Ushuaia Ibiza, Spain.  Artists such as Andrea Oliva, Francesca Lombardo and Mary Jane Coles, among others are performing. If you are curious about the music, you can check out the link to their SoundCloud page, which I have included below.

Ants the game, stars an extremely nimble and funky looking Ant. The ant is able to traverse the many different environments in the game. The game is side-scrolling auto-runner, but the levels are not endless. The auto-running introduces a certain level of complexity, because your moves have to be perfectly timed. The ant starts off with the ability of a simple jump, then a double jump is added, wall-climbing and the ability to float. Each level requires you to gather as much honey, or golden ember as possible. The closer you get to 100% collection, the closer you are to getting three stars in the levels.

“Somewhere, deep underground, there’s a party going on and all the ants will be there. Except you, or? Unfortunately, you overslept and have to hurry before you miss the whole thing. Choose among several ants, each with its own exclusive track. Then let the music take you away while you lose yourself in the psychedelic platforming environments. Run, jump, fly and bounce off walls to avoid tricky obstacles while collecting golden amber.” – Hello There AB

Making a successful platforming game has a lot to do with the environment that is created. In Ants, the underground environment is ripe for platforming with sloped surfaces, crevices to catapult over and float through. The are also plenty of spiders, thorns and brambles and spiked creatures that will make it difficult to complete your run. You will be challenged and have to start over quite a bit, depending on your skill level when it comes to platformers. The other challenge is getting all of the golden amber. In some areas when your ant hits a surface, he/she automatically begins running in the opposite direction. This can work to your advantage, especially if you have seen some of the larger pieces of amber hidden along your route. The environments are multi-tired, which makes exploration of the levels fun.

Different Ants can be unlocked, which also brings with it an original track for you to play as you work your way through the levels. Ants is not a long game, as there are only fifteen levels to play through. The additional ants available are Christiant which allows you to play the Elephanky track, Antroid, which is an exclusive Android Ant. The track that comes with Antroid is Grandparents Never Die.The final Ant available is Honeypot, which allows you to hear the track A Tree in the Sea. Unlocking these three additional Ants costs $.99 each. The price seems a bit high to me for only fifteen levels. I bought the Antroid track just to be certain that it didn’t unlock additional levels. It doesn’t, so keep this in mind if you are expecting to get additional levels by purchasing the other tracks.

Overall, Ants is a really good looking and playing platforming game. It is not long, but it is also free-to-play. If you want to unlock the other ants at a cost you can, though it is not required. What that means is you can enjoy a good game without paying a dime, if that’s what you want to do. The one track that comes with the game offers plenty of groove for your ears. Check out the game and the Ants. It is well worth your time. Especially if you like finding out about new music and artists.

UnitedAnts Music: United Ants/

UnitedAnts on SoundCloud: UnitedAnts Soundtrack

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