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Help Misty navigate mazes to escape the darkness in Lost Maze, now available in Google Play

To be released soon by Lemon Jam Studio, Lost Maze is a puzzle-platformer that’s being released on to Android, and is currently in Early Access. In this game, players will be assuming the role of a young gal named Misty, who’s lost and seeking her way home.

Unfortunately, for her, she’s navigating her way though a maze filled land that is also inhabited by a darkness that seems to be consuming happiness. What’s interesting about this game are the level layouts. The best way I can describe them is like a log that must be crossed along its length. The levels wrapped around an elongated and eight-sided lengths. Portions of these levels can rotate (in in a fashion that’s perpendicular to the length of the level), and each of these sections can do so independently of the others. It’s through all of this that Misty must navigate to the end of each level.

Lost Maze Features:

– 4 chapters and 60 challenging levels in total to explore
– Collect treasures to unlock different fun characters
– Always plan your ways ahead, so you can solve the puzzle as a whole picture
– Simple drag controls that are easy to use
– Collect lost items to bring back the home

The game contains a total of sixty, that are spread out over four different chapters.  Lost Maze is available for free from Google Play, and again is still listed in their Early Access program. The game currently includes optional IAPs. Check out the trailer and additional screenshots below to see how Misty navigates such twisty levels.

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