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Motionvolt and Miniclip Games bring Flip Diving to Android

Miniclip is known for making games that are fun, quick to play and easily to play too. That trend continues, as they team up with Motionvolt Games to bring Flip Diving to the Google Play Store. There is a lot to like about this simple and somewhat repetitive free to play game. The good part is there is quite a bit to unlock. The challenge of the game though, will be trying to land those perfect dives in small landing area.

If you have been watching any of the Olympics in Rio this year, you may have come across the sport of diving. The athletes are fearless and finely tuned, for this amazing sport. Currently, China is in the lead with the most medals, followed by Great Britain, the United States, Italy and Malaysia. The athletes  dive from high platforms into pools of blue. Flip Diving is not an attempt to recreate the Olympic Sport. What it is though, is a game that you will enjoy playing, as you learn the different dives possible, in the different and unusual environments in the game. This is cliff diving at its best.

Flip Diving is a free to play game. It is set up for you to play quick games and to try to gain coins during the process. The diving will take place in different places, as long as you unlock them. You can unlock them a number of ways. One is through the free daily spin. Every twenty-four hours you are given an opportunity to spin the flip diving machine. What you win will vary between unlocking new characters, areas on the map to dive in and different types of dives to perform. You can also purchase spins from the machine with tickets. Tickets start at 2 for $.99 and go up to 35 tickets for $9.99 The other way to unlock new content is by coins. Coins are awarded during the diving. If you successfully dive and hit coins on your way down, they are added to your stack. Once you have amassed enough coins, the game lets you know that a spin is available to purchase. Finally, there is also the option of watching ads, that nets you coins in different amounts.

The game controls are easy to use. You  simply touch the screen to get your diver to launch off of the diving board. After he/she has done that, you have to press again to initiate whatever type of dive you have chosen from your list. Keep in mind, you can only perform the dives that have been unlocked. Each dive has subtle nuances to it that make it challenging to dive within the two cones at the bottom of your screen. The diving takes place in rounds. There are three different depths from which you will dive. Each time you dive successfully, a multiplier is applied to the coins you obtain. Thus, it is not just about sticking the dive, it is also about trying to hit the coins as you dive to the water below. The area for which you are to land in moves and gets smaller. You really have to pay attention and strategize on the right time to perform your dive by tucking, and the right time to release your dive so you can land appropriately.

The different dives available are twenty-two different dives available. Some include the Front Flip, Front Flip Pike, Reverse Front Flip, Backflip, Backflip Pike, Layout  Backflip, Candle, Straight Dive and others. There are also multiple divers that you can unlock starting from: The Diver, Big Dave, Businessman, Bodybuilder, Girl Divers, Basketball Diver, Karate Diver, Holiday Diver, Teddy Costume and Penguin Mascot.The multiple diving environments include: Barrels at Harbour, The Trampoline, The Cave, Lakeshore, The Giant Tree, Rope Swing, Cliffside, Springboards, The Lighthouse, Hot Air Balloon, Millionaire’s Pool, The Castle and Tugboat.

Flip Diving Features:

  • Tons of Diving Tricks
  • Layouts, Pikes, Reverses – and more tricks coming soon!
  • Dive from trees, boats, trampolines and more!
  • Over 50 jump platforms to leap from.
  • Take a dive as a bodybuilder, a businessman, or in a penguin costume.
  • Each diver has different abilities, weights, and unique physics.
  • Record your best dives – or your biggest fails and share them with our friends.
  • No internet connection required.

Flip Diving is a good game, though it can be a bit repetitive if you don’t have a fair amount of it unlocked. It is the perfect game to play if you are on the go a lot, or need a bit of distraction for a few moments. The graphics in the game are good, the controls easy and the ragdoll physics of the divers is very impressive. When you belly flop or backflop you can imagine the pain that comes from it. Not only that, the first time your diver face-plants on the board below or on an rock outcropping, you will most certainly cringe. It all looks a bit to real from the animation. All together, this makes Flip Diving a game worth checking out, just to see how much more it actually takes a real athlete to perform the death defying dives that you see on tv.


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