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Fight your way through a time loop to find your missing boyfriend in Pittsfield

Released by Little Thingie, Pittsfield is an adventure that’s set in somewhat of an odd town. In this game, players will be assuming the role of Vina, who awakens within the strange town. To compound matters, her boyfriend has gone missing. As Vina embarks on her venture to find him other strange events begin to occur.

One of the stranger problems, to say the least, is the fact that time seems to operate on a loop; think Groundhog Day. Players will work their way through various parts of town, and will need to solve a variety of puzzles, as well as navigate their way through dialog with the inhabitants of this town.

Pittsfield Features:

– Story Rich Role Play
– Mystery, Puzzle, Adventure, Time Travel, Time Loop
– Original Art Style and Soundtrack

Pittsfield can found on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for a flat fee of $1.99 and has no IAPs or ads. Those interested in this game can check out the trailer below, to see some of the puzzles and dialog.

Amazon Appstore: Pittsfield

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