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Zynga releases a new FarmVille called Tropic Escape onto Android

Zynga has decided to release another FarmVilla game onto Android today called FarmVille: Tropic Escape. This is a spin-off of the original game but with a different, more tropical, theme to it. You will be building and growing a variety of structures and crops, but all of it happens to be what you would find in the tropics.

Players will be building their own beachside inn, which you will need to staff as well as decorate in order to attract guests. You will also need to build different workshops so you can end up creating more advanced structures. Besides your inn you need to grow tropical crops (such as pineapples, coconuts and mangos) and help raise exotic animals. All of that will be used to create different dishes for your guests to enjoy.

FarmVille: Tropic Escape Features:

– Run a beachside inn and start a new life in paradise
– Discover all of the tropical crops and exotic animals
– Create your dream island filled with unique fruits and veggies, fun drinks and adorable animals
– Play mini games and have fun with new characters like Capri the dolphin and Aayla the monkey
– Complete story based quests with island guides like the archaeologist and surfing expert
– Discover hidden treasures and rare goods in the sunken city
– Investigate uncharted areas to find even more island secrets
– Buy a Tiki Bar, Sushi Stand, Artisan Workshop and more
– Trade with other players using the trade boat
– Short on eggs? Buy the goods you need from neighboring islands

When you don’t feel like doing the work required to run an inn, you can partake in different mini-games. There’s also an entire storyline of quests that you can complete or different areas on the island to explore to find rare loot and items. You can trade with other players if you’re low on a particular item as well.

If you’re into FarmVille or similar type of games, you might want to check this one out. You can download FarmVille: Tropic Escape off of Google Play for free and it does come with optional IAPs as well. You can check out the game’s trailer and additional screenshots below.

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