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Hotlap Heroes and its controller companion app are both available for Android devices

Hotlap Heroes is a new multiplayer racing game from developers Team Pea. Besides the actual game itself, the developers have also released a companion app for this game called Hotlap Heroes: Controller App. As you might be guessing, this app will turn your Android device of choice into a controller, allowing you to connect to the multiplayer gameplay mode regardless of the device you’re using.

In Hotlap Heroes, the actual game, you’ll be picking your car of choice before heading off to race against the AI opponents, or other players. This is literally a pure racing game, so there really isn’t much in the way of a storyline of any kind. You can do practice runs in the included practice mode, or just jump straight into racing against other players in local multiplayer. You can have up to 8 people including yourself in any race.

Hotlap Heroes Features:

– 8 player local multiplayer racing action!
– Race against your friends or compete for fastest lap in Practice mode
– 5 circuits with new tracks added regularly
– Hotlap Heroes Controller app allows anyone with a smartphone to join in!
– Multiple controller / input device support
– Global Leaderboards
– Achievements

Along with the Hotlaps Heroes game is the companion app as well. This, once installed, will let your device play in multiplayer mode, regardless of what your device happens to be. So even though you may not have the game installed, that won’t actually stop you from playing it if someone you know has the game installed. There are two different controller modes available: Basic and Expert.

Hotlap Heroes Controller App Basic Setup

For those of you looking to snag a copy of this game, Hotlap Heroes is available off of Google Play for $3.99. The companion app is also now available, but that can be downloaded for free. The main game doesn’t have any IAPs either. Unfortunately multiplayer is currently just local only, but hopefully an online multiplayer mode will arrive in the future.

Side Note: Right now Hotlap Heroes is propagating throughout Google Play, so you may not have access to the game just yet. Give it a few minutes and try again.

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