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The Humble Mobile Bundle 20 is now available for purchase and features 8 games to start

Humble Bundle has launched the latest mobile game themed bundle today, officially titled the Humble Mobile Bundle 20. Hard to believe there’s been twenty of them already as these types of bundles have only been happening for a bit now. In this bundle there are 8 games to start it off, with more heading to the bundle next week.

This particular mobile bundle is a three tier one, where you have a few games that you get for any price you pay for as long as it is over $1. Then there is a second tier which has a couple more games that you get it you pay over the average amount being paid for the bundle at the time you purchase it. The third tier has a couple more games still, that you will get if you pay $5 or more.

Pay anything over $1 and get:

– Cloud Chases
– Last Horizon
– Tomb Raider 1
– Tomb Raider 2

Pay above the average amount and also get:

– Always Sometimes Monsters
– Shooting Stars!

Pay above $5 and also get:

– Space Grunts
– Cosmonautica

So as you can see, this bundle is actually a pretty decent one. All of the games in this are quite good, but that also means there’s a chance you already own a few of these. Still, it may be worth snapping up if there’s enough of them that you don’t have. Of course next week at least one more game will be added to the bundle for anyone who pays over the average amount, and we will post an update when that arrive.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle 20

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