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Guide light through using patterns in Sequence Nine, now out on Google Play

Sequence Nine is a new puzzler that’s been released onto Android. The goal of this game is simple, in that players are looking to guide a green orb along a grid, towards it’s end point on the puzzle. The control scheme is where things get interesting. There are two different grids on the screen at any time.

There is a lower grid of circles, arraigned in a 3×3 format. Players will use that to draw out a pattern, that the green orb will mimic on a considerably larger grid that may vary in its exact dimensions, and is situated in the upper half of the screen. Frequently, there are partitions that require the user to navigate around, by drawing the appropriate pattern, thus allowing the orb to circumvent the obstruction.

Sequence Nine Features:

• Completely free to play
• 240 handcrafted puzzles spread across 4 worlds
• Choose your own path through levels
• Hints and super hints to unlock
• Hours of puzzle solving

Sequence Nine includes over 240 different levels, that are spread out over five different worlds. The game has a Tron-like visual, with dark back grounds and neon elements, and a hint system in case the player gets stuck. There are three given at the start of the game, and more can be accrued by watching ads.

Sequence Nine is available for free from Google Play, and it includes interstitial advertising. Players can check out the trailer below to see more of the game in action.

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