Day: 16 September 2016


[Update: Now available] The Pokemon GO Plus accessory is confirmed for its September release still

While Apple held its event for the company’s new iOS products, Niantic Labs was a part of the entire event showing off a new Pokemon GO app for the Apple Watch called Pokemon GO Plus, named after the accessory the developers are still planning to release. Don’t get too sad we don’t have this app yet, because while it does do some nice things like notify you of nearby Pokemon, and what those Pokemon are, and more, you still need to pull out your phone to capture them.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Limbo, WipeOut, King of Fighters, Kairosoft Games and more

Welcome to this week’s round-up of Android games that happen to be on sale right now. This particular week’s list is actually quite big, with a number of developers putting more than one game on sale. Inkle has put all three Sorcery! games on sale to celebrate the upcoming release of Sorcery! 4, and Rockstar Games still has a few Grand Theft Auto titles on sale along with Max Payne.