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Here’s a video showing off some of the gameplay for the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 Online game

Back in June of this year we reported on Square Enix who was gearing up to start the open beta for the company’s upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 Online game. Well the open beta has finally begun it seems and a few videos showing off some of the gameplay have begun showing up.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is essentially the multiplayer mode from the original Final Fantasy Type-0 game. However, instead of being a separate mode in a larger game, it has been made into its own entire game itself. In terms of gameplay, which you will see in the video below, this is essentially an Action-RPG with 3D visuals which actually look pretty good.

The game has changed a little from the original one, with players controlling one of the members of Class Zero, who are sent on missions across Orience. Outside lopcations such as the Vermillion Peristylium (Class Zero’s home base) and others are navigated using a scaled-down world map. As a member of Class Zero, you are sent on missions where you travel to different locations to take out the enemy that happens to be there. So there is a bit of a Monster Hunter type of feeling to it.

As you progress through the game you will be leveling up your character and their abilities, while being able to unlock new ones as well. You will also be able to equip them with better gear. Unfortunately that’s about as deep as we know regarding the gameplay at this point, since this beta is available only for players in China. It has been confirmed for a Western release since we last talked about this game, but no official release date for that has been revealed as of yet.

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