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Help keep the soda cans full in Fizz Filler, now available from on Google Play

Released by Stone Leaf Studios, Fizz Filler is a new casual clicker out for Android. In this game, players will be responsible for keeping the machines running, that place soda into cans that are sent off for distribution. As they come down the line, players will tap on the cans so the machines will inject the soda into them.

For every can that’s filled, players receive a coin. After amassing enough of these coins, players can upgrade their cans or factory in a variety of ways. They can be labelled (though I didn’t see any labels actually showing up), or upgraded to return more coins when filled, (in the difficult mode) more lines can be added in the factory since the player begins with fewer lines, purchase additional factories, auto fillers on the lines, upgrading the speed of the lines, and so on.

Gameplay with this one is fairly straightforward. Players will be tapping on the drinks to fill them. As your filled drinks reach the end of the conveyor, you’ll be paid in coins for each one. As you continue to earn money, you’ll be able to use it to purchase upgrades which will, in turn, help you work more efficiently and earn more money. You keep doing this, expanding your operation, until you’re filthy rich.

The game is available for free from Google Play. There are no IAPs found within the game, though it does contain ads. Interested players can check out the game by clicking on the link below.

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