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Android Game Sale Round-Up: Deus Ex GO, Implosion: Never Lose Hope, TrinusVR and More

It’s the end of another week which also means it is time for another Android game sale round-up! This week’s like only has a few new entries to it, so the majority of this week’s list happens to be repeats. That’s not totally a bad thing, since last week’s list was rather big, so it’ll give people another chance to grab some more games that were on sale last week that have been carried over to this one.

Besides the few new additions to this week’s round-up, Nvidia also has their new Fall sale going on for a limited time for six of their Shield games. That sale ends in a few days as well. Alawar Entertainment still has a few of their games discounted also. So without further delay, he’s this week’s like of Android games on sale. There also is one application in this list, called TrinusVR. If you’re into playing VR games, you’ll want to check this app out as it turns most PC games into VR ones, using your Android phone and headset of choice.

New Android Games on sale:

SNK Playmore Android Games on Sale:

Kairosoft Android Games on sale:

Repeat Android Games on sale from last week:

If you happen to see a game on sale that isn’t a part of our list, let us know in the comments below so everyone else can take advantage of it.

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