Day: 29 September 2016


Kingdom-Building Sim, Kingdom: New Lands, Launches on Nvidia Shield

Last year, a team comprised solely of two indie game developers released Kingdom, a kingdom-building simulation featuring minimalistic strategy gameplay and vibrant pixelated visuals. While that game was met with a positive response from gamers and critics, the development team has built on that core gameplay experience with new features and game design improvements in Kingdom: New Lands.


Noodlecake Studios releases Pumped BMX 3!

Noodlecake Studios continues to push out high-quality gaming for mobile devices. This time around, Noodlecake teams up with game designer Adam Hunt, also known as Yeah Us! Games for what is said to be the final installment of the Pumped BMX series. Pumped BMX 3 is now available in the Play Store and you don’t want to miss it.