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Twitch takes aim at YouTube with allowing uploads of pre-recorded content now

Up until now Twitch has been strictly a streaming service and platform, not allowing pre-recorded content of any kind to be uploaded to a user’s channel. You could, however, have records of previous live streams and VODs available for your fans to check out if they missed a stream or anything like that. Now Twitch has set its sights on YouTube but allowing pre-recorded content to be uploaded to a streamer’s channel.

What this means is that users who have been split between the two platforms now don’t have to bother using YouTube (or YouTube Gaming) for their pre-recorded content while using Twitch for their live streaming activities. Instead, users can now do both right on Twitch, which could very well eliminate a lot of users from YouTube Gaming, unless they have a very big following on their YouTube channel. Although, once a majority of those people switch to following their favorite streamer for all their content on Twitch, there could be a lot of dead channels on YouTube in the near future. Of course you could always still use both for pre-recorded content.

This new system is called Twitch Upload and is currently in beta status, which means if you want to use it right now, you’ll need to opt into it within your account settings. Any videos uploaded in this fashion do not have an expiration date, unlike VODs which disappear after a certain amount of time. This does mean you could re-upload a stream once the VOD is gone for fans to watch at any point in the future.

Twitch plans to add more features to  their new Twitch Upload service in the near future such as a user chat box and more.

Website Referenced: VG 24/7

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