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Disrupter Beam reveals The Walking Dead: March to War at the 2016 New York Comic Con

While the New York Comic Con, or any comic con for that matter, usually focuses strictly on comics and the different mediums those characters and franchises show up on, mobile games have been steadily showing up more and more at these events. This year’s New York Comic Con is no exception and one of the games getting revealed is a new Walking Dead title called March to War.

However, unlike the majority of The Walking Dead titles for mobile (or PC/console), this one is a multiplayer strategy game and not just a single-player title. Unfortunately, details are a bit on the thin side with this title but we do know a few things. The Walking Dead: March to War will have players jumping into a full multiplayer game where you’ll not only be trying to survive for as long as possible, but to form alliances with other players to hopefully accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, this also means that some of the other alliances of players will inevitably turn out to be your rivals.

Other than that, and that resources are going to be scarce in order to make sure there’s conflict between players and zombies alike, there isn’t much more to go on. We do, however, have a teaser trailer for folks to check out, which you can do so with the video above. When we learn more, we will be sure to post an update. In the meantime, you can pre-register for the game’s launch, which will be happening in early 2017.

Official Website: The Walking Dead: March to War (Pre-register)

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