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Google will be opening a pop-up shop in New York City this October 20th

Google has always been hinting at brick-and-mortar stores in their future for at least a year now. While a true brick-and-mortar store by Google may be a bit of a wait from now, not including the Android stores that have opened, Google is opening a pop-up store in New York City this October 20th, 2016 to showcase their newest consumer devices.

Folks in the area will be able to visit this pop-up shop to go hands-on with either of the new Pixel phones, as well as throw a Daydream View headset on and check out all the virtual reality goodness that comes with that as well. If you decide you want to buy one of the Pixel phones, or the Daydream View VR headset, then you can do so there as well. Other products to be shown off will include the company’s new Google Home smart speaker, and Google Wifi.

Google does have ‘stores’ within stores already, but the company doesn’t really have their own separate shop for people to check their goods out. This will be the first Made By Google storefront. The store will be located at 96 Spring St. in New York City and open as of October 20th, 2016. Pop-up stores usually lead to a more permanent storefront in the near future.

Website Referenced: USA Today

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